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Safety First

About Us,
We are the ship owner of tourism in KUMAI, we form one place of for our Comonitas that is " GATHERING of KLOTOK(BOAT) KUMAI" we attend to water down and in direct corollation to ship owner which in delegating entrust to our chief, we hope can braid one good is same activity with cutomer of us, because us very like' when which satisfied you with service of us and us can participate to the continuity of life of other habitat and orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park and surroundings.
Following our organization chart:
Chief : Yofie Kamale,St
Vice Chairman : Komarudin,Sh
Sekertaris : Ali Masuri,Sh
Bursar : Basis
Member : All ship owner
Because we to accompany you to your location.
That way a few information about us, you earn to contact we through email : orangutanboat@gmail.com / mobile +62819 4995 9898/ +6281256991354 ( Yofie Kamale ). Thank you

Hopefully with the blog "ORANGUTAN TOUR BOAT/ORANGUTAN FLOATING HOTEL" that we have to be able to facilitate your tour to the "TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK" and book the BOAT, to see orangutans and other habitat.

A hotels that we have really different than  the usual hotel you visit, "why"?
Because we have the same BOAT like your house, but a different place on the water and has an engine, where your goal, you just sit / sleep / while relaxing, we will take you to place your goals.

Our open your convenience who will visit our place (Borneo) to see first hand the activities Orangutans and other activities.

A wide range of ways for people to offer ORANGUTAN TOUR PACKAGE, which differ only us, why? because you immediately book your TOUR to the right person, we will take you to your destination.
For the price, we have the best price for you. you come, we will serve you with pleasure.


You will get a lot of information surrounding TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK, once you follow our tour, that will be conveyed by your guide.

If you book us, it was the right choice "why" because you directly contact  us as the local tour operator in TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK ".

Below you can choose how long you will visit and how much you have to spend, you are definitely the best choice and we prepared and serve you well during your tour with our tour program and it can be changed depend on natural conditions.we will confirm you as soon as possible!

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